Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Well, it’s that time where I get to shop for gifts for my husband to celebrate his first Father’s Day! I should be super excited, but to be quite honest, I hate shopping for him. I never know what he wants, well, actually I know what he likes, but can never afford the stuff he likes. Lol. (He’s a little high maintenance when it comes to shopping.) So, here are some things I found while browsing on the web that I thought would make pretty decent gifts:

Make your own whiskey set

From binny’s.com

These matchbook sticky notes

(only because my husband loves to use post its to write things down)

From the container store

Snapshots camera flask

(this is pretty cute and would be fun to sneak into somewhere)

From urbanoutfitters.com

Coach wallet

(who doesn’t like something from Coach!)

From coach.com

My husband would use this iphone4 beer bottle/can opener case a lot..ha!

From gifts.com

I’m kind of in love with these eco-friendly sunglasses.

From source

Ipad case

(I like the simple color of this case, but I don’t know..it’s washable! uh oh!)

From Reveal

Funny T-shirts

( I would get him this, but he would NEVER wear it. Haha.)

From zazzle.com

From facebook

Mustache Mug

(only because he’s proud of his mustache)

From babble.com

Instagram Satchets & Bean Bags

(Let’s face it, I’ll probably end up making something since I”m running out of time. These are fun!)

From lilblueboo

 Okay, this is just WEIRD. Haha. I had to show you this.

(Who would ever like this?!?)


2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    • Haha. It was a failure of a gift. I bought him an American airlines gift card so he can buy a flight to Vegas, bc I know secretly he still wanted to go. But he’s pretty firm on not going so I’m just going to return it. I also gave him that card from target! He liked that. 🙂

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