5 Things I Learned About My Husband

1. I never knew Eddie would care about the outfits our daughter wears, but the other day..someone gave us a gift and he actually said “it was really cute!” Never heard that word come out of his mouth before..cute?!? Lol.

2. It’s kind of nice having a routine for putting her to sleep. Lately, he’s been putting her to sleep at nights so I can get a little bit more rest. It’s been SO helpful!

3. Gosh, the simple things he does, like bring me a glass of water, offer to cut up my food for me so it’s easier for me to eat with one hand while holding her, etc. mean the world to me!

4. Lately, we’ve been saying “Thank you for everything you did today” before hitting the sheets. It’s nice to feel appreciated. 🙂

5. Oh, he cut up his leg again sliding onto 2nd base at his last softball game. I think he secretly likes having scars and stuff..is that a guy thing? I don’t understand that.


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