Quote of the Day

Have I told you that I’m secretly an event planner?!? It seems like every weekend I’m planning our next adventure (whether it’s hanging out with friends, game nights at someone’s house, cooking dinner and a movie, etc). I started this mentality when we got married and all of a sudden, we were sitting in front of the TV watching some random thing on Netflix instead of being out and about like we used to be! Such a sad reality when you realize that life is different when you get married. Haha. So now..starting on Thursday, I’m already planning what we will be doing the next weekend. It’s fun! Frankly, I’d rather be doing things and keeping ourselves entertained than stay home. My sister-in-law told me the other day while I was out and about doing errands, “Melinda, you’re always going somewhere! When I had a baby, I didn’t leave the house for months!” It’s true. I realized that I’m not one to sit still..ever. I enjoy planning events, I can’t help it! Of course, life with a a baby is different now, but I still don’t like staying in all the time. Although, my husband might disagree. He’s always like, “We always have so many events on the weekends!” Yet, when I do plan a weekend of just staying home, he’ll be the first to complain and say, “I’m bored.” Lol.


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