Summer Eats

So, one thing I’ve really been enjoying this summer is experimenting in the kitchen. Now that I’m staying at home, I’m in charge of the cooking. Although, Eddie still does the steaks because I haven’t mastered that art yet. Here are some fun recipes that I’ve tried out and had pleasing results! I’ve been using the epi app and have found it to be very helpful. I always always always modify the recipes because I use whatever I have in our fridge. Enjoy!

*Tangent* I never thought I’d be those people who took pictures of their food, but I’m proud to admit..I AM NOW! Lol.

Recipe here

Husband approved!

Recipe here

I made this one when I was with the family and my grandparents were visiting. My parents had all this sour cream in their fridge, a bunch of bags of chips in the pantry, but no french onion packet. (Oh how those packets are so convenient at times like that!) Anyway, I said, I’ll just make it from scratch! Then, everyone (especially my husband) gave me a hard time because they said it’s too much work, just go buy a packet. But, of course my stubbornness kicked in and I insisted on making it. So, I did..and what do you know…it was a BIG hit! That entire bowl was gone! Take that *itches!

Recipe here

The week before TOUGH MUDDER, my husband said he wanted to have veggie lunches and meat dinners. So, I had to be a little bit more creative because I’m all about meat in every meal. 😉 We had squash and we had lettuce in the fridge and somehow I came up with this grilled squash salad. Twas very refreshing!

Recipe includes: TJ’s multi-grain bread + honey + TJ’s Cookie butter

I’m a sucker for desserts! When I was on the road on my mission trip in 2007, I fantastically discovered that honey and peanut butter were amazing combined. Then, this year we discovered Cookie Butter because of our good friend Annika! Thanks love! And, well, the rest is history!


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