Places: Big Bear Lake

Okay, I haven’t been in a REALLY long time, but Big Bear Lake is so much fun and so beautiful!!! Here’s the view from the backyard.

And now a tour of the inside of the cabin.

The back door.

The kitchen, Katrina, and my husband’s butt.

The awesome wooden dining table.

The living room.

The entryway bench + my reflection.

The bathroom.

Ave in the living room + Bocce ball set.

I was thoroughly impressed with everything and satisfied with the comfortable stay the cabin provided. How refreshing it was to be surrounded by beautiful trees, fresh, crisp air, and nature! I definitely want to make a trip back up there just to go hiking and explore the town more. I definitely want to go on the alpine slide which looked so appealing on the way up there and explore The Village more. There’s always next time! Until then…


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