DIY: How to make a Nylon Flower Headband

Today I wanted to share a recent project I’ve been working on. Now, this isn’t really a big deal, but for some reason it was a big deal to me!! For some time now I’ve been meaning to just set some time to make some headbands, but either I get caught up doing something else, or I’m just too tired! Lol. Anyway, the day finally came!

Okay, I’m so proud of how it turned out. Also, what I love about this headband is that you can interchange the flowers to match any outfit! So much better than making all these different headbands, especially for lazy people like me. 🙂 Also, here are some of the ones that inspired me to do this post:

Top left: Picture & tutorial from lilmissmomma

Bottom left: Picture & tutorial from Amber maybe

Bottom center: Picture & tutorial from naptime crafters

Right middle: My little Ave!

Alright, how about 1 more photo for good measure!

Ugh! I’m so obsessed with her! Btw..I’m lovin’ BIG flowers!


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