Quote of the Day

Hello everyone! Happy Monday once again. I feel like the weekend went by sooo fast. I was so tired from an eventful Saturday that I pretty much crashed on Sunday and today, I just feel like resting still. Ugh, my body cannot handle what I used to be able to do. Is that the sign of old age? Oh boy.  Any how, I found this quote and it was so fitting. I’m all about taking action right now…things cannot happen if we simply hope or wish it to happen, we need to actually take action. So, I fail at this a lot, which is why I like inspirational quotes like these to pick me up! I often hesitate to do things that my instincts are telling me to do, and when that happens, I’m usually left with regret. However, when I follow my gut, 99.9% of the time, I’m happy with the results. Does that ever happen to you? My dad would always tell me when I was younger to go with my first instincts (especially when I used to take exams in high school) and every time I did follow my 1st instinct, I usually got the answer right. Thanks Dad! Maybe parents do know what they are talking about after all… Lol.


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