Playmates for Life…


Ever since I was younger, my little sister was my playmate. We used to play house, dress up in my mom’s funky clothes, ride down the stairs on a blanket, watch Wizard of Oz in fear, eat a lot of Top Ramen and spam, and play hide-and-seek in the dark.

Well, when we got older, our games turned into shopping adventures. We”d go thrifting, to the mall, to TJMaxx with our grandma, and always (no matter where we were) meet up our Mom when she was in her shopping mood (which came once a year). Now, more recently, since she working with the big leagues and we live a little far from each other, we can only play on the weekends. Our play dates usually consist of crafting, or she showing me what she bought at her recent thrift adventures, hanging out with the guys, watching HIMYM and catching up on episodes to all of our shows, playing Sequence or Banagrams on our occasional game night adventures, and dancing. We’ve always managed to stay close and overcome any conflicts/fights/bad moods that every sibling goes through which thankfully makes me proud to not only have her as my sister, but as one of my best friends.

Did I mention she inspires me?? She is so talented and creative that I just want to be..not just like her..but be her sometimes! She was the maid of honor at my wedding. She was the design/creative mind behind my wedding planning, bridal showers, and baby showers. She’s such a pro at everything!

Well, today…is her birthday! And, I don’t know when she’ll read this post, but I wanted to surprise her and wish her the best birthday ever! I recently was reminded of how much she really meant to me when she vacationed in Tahiti for 2 weeks and I had no ability to communicate with her. I would literally dial her number or try to face time her knowing she wouldn’t pick up…and check my email a couple times a day to see if she wrote me. Oh man..i’m so lame, aren’t I?

Anyway, Happy Birthday sis! This post will have to do until we can play again…soon, I promise!

May God bless you today on your special day as I send you my prayers and a lot of smiles  your way. 😉



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