Summer Eats #3

Ugh..I LOVE FOOD! Here are some more recipes I’ve been cookin’ up in my kitchen:

Recipe from here

Okay, short story on these short ribs..hardest recipe ever! Not really, but it took me FOREVER to make for some reason. I’ll probably never do that again, haha, but was so delicious. The husband still talks about it. Sometimes he starts out with it in his sentences, “Remember when you made those short ribs?” and I already feel like the food I made will never be as good as those ribs. I hate that. Lol.

Recipe from here

I barely had any of the ingredients for this dish, but used the seasoning tips for the chicken and it turned out good as ever! Haha.

Recipe from here

I know what you’re probably thinking..Salmon for breakfast?!? It’s odd, I know. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was weird too. But, ’tis so hearty and felt good to start off the day with a nutritious & protein packed breakfast. 🙂

Recipe from here

Yes..yes.. you can eat treats when doing Paleo! We’ve baked these cookies about 4 times now..husband is getting irritated that we couldn’t get it right for so long, but..I’m happy to announce, I think we finally perfected it!

Mmm..all this posting of food is making me hungry. Off to the kitchen I go!

If you missed it..see Summer Eats 1 & Summer Eats 2


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