Quote of the Day

What a busy and exhausting weekend! On Friday we had a wedding in San Clemente (so beautiful!). On Saturday, Eddie had a race and I was so bummed I wasn’t able to go watch him because I had practice. Saturday afternoon we had an engagement party, another wedding at night, followed by a birthday celebration with the sister’s fiance. Oh yah..my sister got engaged! That was exciting news that we’ve been celebrating for about a month now. Hehe. Can’t wait for THAT wedding madness, lol. We finished up the weekend with Eddie’s game on Sunday and at night we celebrated with a good friend who was visiting from the convent. Phew! I’m tired just looking back at the weekend’s highlights. Nonetheless, it was a good and eventful one!

Let’s see..this quote…I remember the first time I discovered Gandhi. My life was changed simply by reading his biography on Wikipedia. I know there are so many good quotes from him, but this was a new one that made me reflect (so I liked it!). I don’t have the ability to do a lot of things. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the talents God has given me, but there are a lot of things that I wish I was good at. For example, I wish I had the skills to do well on tests (I was never a good test taker) or also brain smarts where I could know random bits of information and be like a walking dictionary, like one of my friends (Hi Justin!) I also wish I had the ability to be witty and have a good sense of humor, but that’s not my strong point. Lol.

Don’t you have these moments where you think this to yourself or is it just me??? My husband sometimes says, “I wish I was naturally athletic and built to be a professional Basketball player or an Olympian.” See, I guess we all have our things. My friend, the other day told me, “I wish I was more creative and crafty.” Then, I told her about Pinterest and her life is now full of new challenges. Ha.

But, the beauty about not having these innate talents is that it gives us something to work towards. We can’t all have what we want, right? So, I am constantly challenging myself to read more..not because I think this will help me achieve one of my goals, but I think it will help me just to be more well-rounded. I think, all in all, it’s a good thing. What fun would it be if we were all perfect?!? 🙂

Alright, alright..I”m done rambling.

Since I got all that out of the way, here are some things I’m working towards in the upcoming weeks/months:

– I really want to practice sewing so I can get good enough to make this and this. So cute!

– Still working on finishing this darn book

– Would love to make this one day.. Yum.

– Been craving this recently, but I never buy it because I’m the only one who likes it.

– Want to read more about this topic and write a new post on it

– Um, Love. This. Show. Want to catch up on episodes on ABC player.


One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. Love Gandhi! Took a Nonviolence in the Modern World class my third year of college and learned so much about myself. Also loving your to-do list at the bottom–a great reminder to write the things I need to do on paper. (:

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