Island Inspired Wedding

Today I…was excited to share this beautiful wedding I attended back in August. Man, oh man, we felt so honored to be invited to it. It took place at Casa Romantica in San Clemente, CA. What a beautiful venue it was! Not to mention it was literally overlooking the ocean, which was so breathtaking!

Left: The entry way Right: The view

The craft table where guests could write messages on rocks or just make silly faces with the googly eyes. Fun!

Gift Table

Thanks to the ever-so-thoughtful bride and groom, guests were able to take these cute heart-shaped fans and use it during the outdoor ceremony. They sure came in handy! It was kinda hot. 🙂

The aisle decor that adorned each chair that bordered the aisle way. Also, the runner was a long piece of burlap, which was a nice touch I thought!

The bride and groom table. Soooo..amazing!

Bride and groom signs. Love the dark teal accent!

Now, the burlap tablescapes and table details were simply elegant & gorgeous. I know I’m sounding pretty girly right now, but my jaw literally dropped. I could have sworn I walked right

into one of the images from Pinterest.

The place cards and menu. (The graphics were done by my friend Christina over at letrango. Definitely visit her site, she’s pretty talented!)

Me and the hubs enjoying our time. I hate his lame-o smile that he uses for ALL pictures.


3 thoughts on “Island Inspired Wedding

  1. Ah yay! I feel so honored that the wedding is a part of your blog!!! Thanks for sharing Melinda : )

    • Oh my goodness, of course Makana. I loved your wedding! You looked so beautiful I could hardly handle it. Thank you again for inviting us! And I hope you liked our present. 😉

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