10 Tips for Traveling with an Infant

1. I took my daughter when she was about a month old. We did just fine without purchasing a seat, in fact, I think most people would prefer to seat their child in their laps. In case you do need to purchase a seat, airlines usually will provide car seats/child safety seats if you decide not to bring yours. Check their websites for more info.

2. I was most nervous about this part for some reason, but in actuality, it was the easiest part! It took less than 5 minutes. Once they verified my daughter’s age at check-in, they printed her boarding pass and we were set to go!

3. I definitely couldn’t have done it smoothly without my Ergo!

4. Traveling by yourself is definitely possible! Trust me, I have a friend who mastered traveling with an infant & actually gave me tips that helped me along the way. Luckily, I had my brother with me, so he was a BIG help!

5 . Recently, I discovered that Babies R Us sells car seat covers for traveling! Genius!

6. I am always a light packer, but I couldn’t have imagined having another luggage with me. All my belongings were combined in the baby bag, and that became my purse for the weekend. I felt it would be too much to have luggage, baby, baby bag, and purse..so I suggest to simplify as much as possible! I would also bring some Tylenol just in case (for emergency ear infections and ear aches)

7. I did ask the passenger in my row if he minded if I changed her diaper, and he said not at all. I don’t think people would mind, but just a heads up might be common courtesy. 🙂

8. I lied above. This was what I was MOST nervous about..my daughter being one of “THOSE” babies who cries and screams the entire flight. Ugh, sorry, but that’s annoying. I think I just got lucky because she only cried a little bit, and it wasn’t that loud. Phew!

9. I think I really just lucked out with this one. I didn’t really plan ahead in this matter, but my flight just happened to be perfectly in tuned with her nap schedule. Again, phew! God loves me.

10. Good Luck! Oh, before I leave for the weekend..how’s about a sweet little good bye from my little Ave when she was at her first airport. 😉

P.S. Thanks Tracy for hooking me up with the free Chevron templates I used in the background. 🙂



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