New Column: 5 Little Things…

Today I…realized I needed to stop and smell the roses more often. There are so many things I overlook nowadays, probably because I feel like my head is all over the place at times. For this reason, I decided to start a new column entitled “5 Little Things…” Last week, I fell off the couch. Baby was fussy so I stayed sleeping next to her and since I was afraid to smash her, i just stayed on the edge. Therefore, I found myself on the floor around 5 am. Luckily, my husband was up getting ready to work out and helped me off the floor and walked me over to the bed. Lol.

Also, having an iPhone can be so distracting! I really try not to have my eyes glued to my phone, but it’s hard sometimes..not going to lie. Ugh, I should’ve just stuck with my Blackberry, but iPhones are just SO AMAZING. Ha.

Well, here’s to appreciating the simple things and paying more attention to details!

1. Nap time. Probably my favorite part of the day! Her little eye lashes make my heart melt.

2. New slippers! Found at this thrift store for $4.99. Dude, I need a pedicure BAD!

3. This baby toy is WAY too big, but WAY necessary! She loves this thing, and I love it too because I can get so many things done!

4. Circus animal flavored ice cream from Rite Aid. So good!

5. Fresh coconut juice from here has been my weekly addiction as of late.


One thought on “New Column: 5 Little Things…

  1. #3 yeah those r huge but agreed very necessary to keep little ones occupied. Enjoy it while u can… When they outgrow it and are running around the house getting into everything I’ll look back and wish u could just plop them back in the bouncer for 20 minutes…

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