Recipe: Slow Cooked Chicken

I’m just loving my crock pot recently.  Those of you who don’t own one, you need to buy one stat. It is seriously the easiest way to cook things in the most delicious way! Here are 7 simple steps to make slow cooked chicken which will turn out super juicy & flavorful, without any cutting necessary!


Chopped Veggies (any type you like)

1 whole chicken (grass-fed was the kind I used)

sea salt & pepper

Lemongrass (*optional)


1. Start with a base vegetable that will soak up all the juices from the chicken. I used Bok Choy, but feel free to use whatever kind you like or have in store.

2. I also added 1 small eggplant because I just LOVE eggplant..maybe it’s the Filipino in me or the Vietnamese. Lol

3. I added 2 medium sized zucchini because, well, that’s what I had in the fridge. Now, it might seem like a lot of veggies, but after it’s all done, they really shrink down and you almost wish you put more in!

4. Lemongrass & some sea salt/pepper really added enough flavor for the chicken to just melt in your mouth.

5. This is my favorite part. There is no need to cut any of the chicken up (I’m not so good at that anyway!), just rinse and season with your favorites. I used more sea s & pepper and some oregano.

6. Cover your crock pot. Cook on HIGH for 4-5 hours. After the 4th hour, I like to cut through near the bone and check for any blood. If no blood is showing and/or pink/fleshy meat, then it’s ready!
7. Okay, I know my pictures suck & this one definitely doesn’t do this recipe justice, but just trust me on this’s SO good. It’ll satisfy your palate, especially all you chicken lovers!


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