A DIY Wedding

A couple weekends ago, my husband and I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful, outdoor DIY wedding in Anaheim Hills, CA at the Oak Canyon Nature Center. This venue was gorgeous and, despite the heat, it was perfect weather underneath all the trees.

The entrance:

The venue told a lot about the couple and their outdoorsy style. You had to do a mini hike to get to the actual venue. Good thing I wore flats!

The Ceremony:

The ceremony set up was absolutely breathtaking! The altar was decorated with vintage suitcases, an old dresser that held a Bible, bread, and wine. There was also a washing of the feet section which the bride and groom participated in during the ceremony. the entire seating area was covered with muslin covers and above was adorned with this pretty white fabric. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, but it was truly one of a kind! Also, the groom is a pastor thus the ceremony was very unique and holy. Their bridesmaids and groomsmen even did a prayer circle around them.

After the ceremony, there was a brief intermission where guests could play games, drink cocktails, and eat some appetizers. The set up was so incredible, I have to share!

The reception:

They had a personalized Jenga game (the wood blocks were carved with “D+L”) and they had their own corn hole game. If you haven’t already noticed, this couple is definitely one you want to invite at your next game night!

To make your own personal corn hole game set, check out the DIY (with pictures) here!

The Table Details:

The place cards were hand painted succulent plants! Of course, my husband didn’t care about his so I stole his. 

Their sweetheart table.

Table to Honor their Loved ones:

Gift Table:The food:

Okay, this might have been the best idea ever. Taco man for a wedding! It was so yummy and you bet  we went back for seconds! Nom.


Instead of a cake, they had an ice cream truck! I think I might have gone to heaven.

Just wanted to, once again, congratulate the happy newlyweds, Pastor Dave & Louise, as I wish them a happy & joyous marriage!


2 thoughts on “A DIY Wedding

  1. Thanks Melinda!! 🙂 you’re so sweet for including our wedding on your blog. We feel special! Love seeing all the pictures you captured. Thank you and Eddie for coming and celebrating with us! Love you both!

    Dave & Lo

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