Hi guys!source

Hope ya’ll had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty busy, yet fairly calm at the same time. On Friday, my husband and I treated ourselves to some late night burgers from Burger City Grill which is down the street from us. Have I told you yet of my obsession (more like weakness) for french fries!?! Yeah, it’s a heart stopper, but dang..I can eat a full meal and, if someone were to put fries in front of me, I’ll still eat them all. We all have our “weaknesses” right?!? Please say yes or else I might have to go see someone. :/

Saturday..what did we do Saturday? Oh yeah, went to the Farmers Market in the morning, then dropped the kid off with my sister, danced at an 80th birthday party, had some boba & popcorn chicken (yum!), and helped my sister move and clean out her room until the wee hours of the morning. That was exhausting, but necessary. Oh yeah, did I tell you that my husband and I decided to move back in with the parentals so we can save for a house?!? That is probably the hardest decision we had to make in awhile and I’m still kind of shocked about it, but whatever it takes I guess. It’s a shame because I will miss the beach weather and having our own space, but there are also a lot of pros..the biggest one being, we will SAVE so much $$$$. Haha. Who doesn’t like to save money? My parents are ever so gracious to open up their house to us and I couldn’t be happier. It’ll be cramped, but at least we can reach our goal faster.

Sunday, the hubs played in the Championship game in his Softball league and they won…2nd place!!! Woohoo! It was all worth it, even though I forgot the most important thing of all, the DIAPER BAG! Who forgets the diaper bag with EVERYTHING you need in it?!? I’ve been losing my mind slowly and I can’t control it. By the time we realized that I left the bag at home, we couldn’t turn back because he would have missed the game. So I ended up spending about $30 to make up for my mistake. It was all good though! Haha. (Thanks Holly for driving me to Walgreens!)

Anyway, come Monday, I’m pretty exhausted. I woke up and my shoulder felt like it got hit by a truck. Luckily, Eddie had the day off so we split baby duty. He went to go watch a movie while I watched the baby, and then when he came back, I went to go get one of those inexpensive (yet awesome) Asian massages. My shoulder felt dramatically better after the massage therapist really beat my shoulder up in there. Seriously, those are the only times when I LOVE pain.

Well, here we are..Hello Tuesday. I wonder what you have in store for me today…


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