A trip to memory lane…

I’ve been unpacking and settling into my parents house the past few days. The hubs has been staying at our apt until the lease is up at the end of October. I’ve been keeping myself busy with moving furniture, donating a lot of crap, and going through boxes and boxes of my old stuff.. Including photos! Oh man.. When I look back at the past its kind of funny bc I think, “Man, I can’t believe I did that! (Or wore that!) Thought I’d share some just for kicks!

Found this drawing I made of me and the hubs when he used to have his Afro! Haha.


Can’t believe I used to be in a hip hop dance class! Oh man.

My BFF is gonna kill me for posting this one! Lol. We thought we were so hot!


My friend Kristy and I at our 8th grade graduation! (And some random girl.)


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