DIY: Teething Kit

Today I..thought I’d share a fun teething kit I made for my friend’s baby awhile back. So, just when you thought you were getting the routine down, getting comfortable with having a baby…teething starts and throws everything all off! Ugh, I’m not going to sugar coat it, IT SUCKS! We are still going through it, but it hasn’t been as bad as when it first started. Sheesh! There came a time where I just tried everything..I mean.. EVERYTHING that’s out there in the store. These were just some goodies I would recommend because many of them came in handy during my UGLIEST moments as a mom. 😦

Contents of basket:

1. Loads and loads of bibs (I thought I had too many bibs, but when teething started and the drool came pouring out like waterfalls (okay, may be a bit exaggerating)..I couldn’t get enough of them! Some are made very cheap and thin, and to those I say ” No Bueno!” Others are nice and thick and drool friendly..I LOVE LOVE LOVE those. I really like this one that I found at the new CottonOn Baby store in the Del Amo Mall.)

2. Hyland’s Teething Gel (A little dab of this gel goes a LONG way. My daughter doesn’t really like the taste of this too much, but it really does soothe her gums and provide some relief for a few minutes.)

3. Teether/Teething Toys (There are so many different kinds of teethers out there. Some moms have recommended this teether ball, others the teether pacifier, but it really depends on your child. See which one works best for him/her simply by trying them out…that’s the best advice I can give. My daughter’s not too fond of those teething toys for some I’ve strayed away from buying them already.)

4. Baby Orajel (This is another good one..I believe it comes in a fruit flavor which sounds YUM!)

*NOT PICTURED: They also have Teething Tablets which you dissolve in water, but I didn’t find much success with those. They are said to be more natural though.


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