5 Things lately…

Hey guys! It’s about 5am and I can’t sleep. Now that my husband leaves for work at about 4 am to beat traffic, I usually find myself in and out of sleep afterwards. But praise God for early mornings. I actually don’t mind them because I’m addicted to that feeling as though the day is young and there’s so much time to accomplish things! Anybody with me?!?

Anyway for some reason I’ve been having these nightmares lately. One was about a particular spider (this big brown one I’ve seen in the backyard) somehow finding its way up to my bed and me wondering where it was crawling. That one gives me chills. Another one was about failing to survive a zombie apocalypse. Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead.

Anyway, here’s 5 little things that I’ve appreciated as of late:
1. This blanket a friend brought home from India. (Hi Vanessa!)

2. Making leche flan for the first time and enjoying the results!

3. Going to my cousin’s wedding and spending time with the hubs’ family. šŸ™‚



4. I can’t NOT keep posting pictures of my baby. (Sorry if you guys are sick of it already!) By the way, she was going to town chewing my bracelet.


And last but not least…
5. Having time to write this post!


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