5 Little Things…

So, it’s taken me quite some time to adjust to blogging while simultaneously taking care of my almost 7-month old who is slightly becoming more and more needy and, at the same time, working part-time for my sister. Oi ve! How do people work and take care of children! I commend you moms out there! It’s like some days she’s totally independent and able to play by herself for 20 minutes (while I cook or clean or do laundry) and other times she doesn’t want me to leave her side. Is that normal? I hope so. Anyway, I’ve been focusing on keeping her healthy until January bc our medical insurance isn’t reactivated until January (Ay! Kaiser!) so that’s been successful. Woohoo! Anyway, here are 5 things that have kept me going as of late:

1. Getting sushi at one of my favorite local places with my good friends, Ryan & Jenelee. (I love going places with them bc they always hold my baby and take care of her!)

2. Spending/wasting time trying to figure this puzzle out:

3. Spending my days cuddling with this girl…

4.When my baby likes the food I make, I smile REALLY big.

5. Making butter-less chocolate chip cookies. Mmm..



4 thoughts on “5 Little Things…

  1. That’s normal… from my experience. Some days Avery is wining and won’t stop asking to be picked up. Other days he’s running around playing with this and that and totally content. So I chose my activity according to his mood…. when he’s having a good day and playing, I’ll get stuff done. If he’s fussy, I’ll play games with him. That way everything gets done and we spend time together šŸ™‚

    • Oh good. I’m glad to hear that it’s normal. I wish I was on your route during your little road trip but I’m in Cali. Haha. Anytime you come here though let me know.. For sure ill host you!

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