My Birthday Antics!

Today I… Thought I’d reminisce on an amazing birthday weekend I just had! First, let me give a special special thanks to my wonderful husband who spoiled me with lots of fun activities and good food this weekend, my kind of way to celebrate turning 27! (Whoa!)

It started off with dinner at The Back Abbey in downtown Claremont. Even though Eddie and I already ate… We met up my sister and her fiancé just to join in on the good eats and good company. I loved sitting outside in the patio even though it started to rain. I don’t know, there was just something about it. The atmosphere and the ambiance of the restaurant was exactly what I’d been looking for. My sister invited a friend from high school named Vince. He is such a nice guy who is super smart and graduated from Berkeley. He also invited 2 of his girlfriends from college and we ended up getting along with them very well. So, I recommended we go get Sangria from this Spanish restaurant called Viva Madrid (one of my favorite restaurants of all time). It was walking distance so we all walked there together. I was a little nervous bc one of the girls, named Jesi, had just come back from the REAL Madrid, Spain and her expectations were naturally pretty high. Nevertheless, it was a hit!! Everyone loved the drinks, dessert, and coziness of the restaurant. And I was happy bc everyone approved of my recommendation! (Doesn’t really happen very often! Ha!)

So, we stayed until closing just talking and playing ice breakers (I love getting to know people this way, I’m so weird!). After Viva Madrid, we thought the night was going to end. It would’ve been a perfect closing, but our adventure-hungry selves couldn’t resist! (Especially bc we had babysitters!) Thus, in an effort to keep the night going, we ended up driving down to the old neighborhood where I grew up (West Covina/Covina) and exploring downtown with our new friends who were from the area. By this time, it was already passed 1am but we didn’t care! We kept saying to ourselves “the night is young!” hoping not to be the first to call it a night (even though I was honestly tired already! I’m pretty lame.)

Anyway, we ended up in this trashy, dive bar called Chatterbox. All of us were like, “Where are we? How did we end up here?” That pretty much defined our entire attitudes the rest of the night. It started drizzling as we left the bar and headed home. I was so grateful for a night to feel young again! It was as if we were in college again reliving our bar-hopping days, except by the end of the night we had to sober up and pick up our child. Good times!

That was just Friday. I don’t have any pictures from that night, but maybe it’s better as a memory just in my head.

To be continued…


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