Birthday Antics continued…

So, Saturday during the day we pretty much stayed in and enjoyed some much needed family time. Let me just say that the time we have where both of us are home and get to wake up next to our daughter (and not have to rush to go anywhere) are my favorite moments as a mom so far! She’s super happy and smiley when she wakes up (probably bc she had a good night’s rest and was all nice and warm/cozy in between us). Must be nice! She only sleeps next to us when I’m too tired to carry her back into her crib and end up falling asleep while soothing her to sleep. Eddie is ok with it for now. He says, “whatever is easiest for you since you’re the one that has to get up.” But, I think we’ll try to only keep that up until she’s about 8 months so she doesn’t get too used to sleeping in the bed with us. Oh, but I can’t help but love it!

Finally, we decided to roll ourselves out of bed just around 11am. That is pretty darn late for us especially bc usually we are up and about around 7am. My parents brought home some Pho Vietnamese soup which was deeelicious! Then we pretty much collapsed from a food coma for an hr after that. Ha! (Love lazy Saturdays!)

Around 4pm, we finally got dressed and readied ourselves for another adventure. My sis and her fiancé were taking us to a comedy show in Hollywood. (Woohoo!) It took place at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the theatre where Amy Pohler and other SNL comedians started out at. We hadn’t been there in awhile so it was good times!



To be continued…

Oh yah.. And Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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