Birthday Antics continued…

Finally, Sunday came.. The day of my real birthday. I was already feeling spoiled from two eventful days of celebratory events.. But it wasn’t over yet.

My family tries to get together and eat somewhere for birthdays.. And the celebrant always gets to choose. So, this time around I ended up choosing Town Sent, this amazing Chinese restaurant in Covina that has pretty much become my family’s default restaurant. So good! Get ready for the aftermath of the food pics.. I can’t help myself.


Ugh! The food is so good there! We even had our engagement party lunch there with my family.
Anyway, I just love my family so much. I have to admit that it’s been nice living with them again, all of us under one roof. It’s a little crowded but in a good way!





After lunch, we did what my family does best… Gamble!


20121120-224555.jpgToo bad I didn’t win, but seeing my dad and mom in their element always puts a smile on my face.

Sunday night we went to go see our dance group perform at The Grove in Anaheim. Such a good show! I had so much fun! Every time I watch them dance, it makes me want to come back full force. Those were the days! (when I was in the best shape of my life!)

I can’t believe I just showed you that picture! Lol.

Anyhow, good times! The Birthday extravaganza weekend finally came to an end. Next stop… Vacation pics!!

Stay tuned!


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