Friendsgiving is apparently the new thang!

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday and spent some quality time with the people you love.

Today I…am very grateful for simple traditions. A few years ago, we started this thanksgiving celebration with a couple of our friends and their siblings. It was mostly just for fun and an opportunity for the younger siblings to play together.. But now everyone is all grown up! Instead of decorating gingerbread houses like we did in the past, we just kept it simple and cooked dinner together. It was so nice and yummy!

Everyone brought their own dish to share.. I’m a big fan of potluck style bc you get a little taste of everything. Check out our spread:







My sister even set up cute centerpieces for our table. Anyhow, I’m extremely grateful for everything and everyone in my life. It’s somewhat sad that its takes the holidays for me to remember how blessed I am. I know I can always do better at being a friend/sibling/daughter/mom and it’s nice to have a friendly reminder every now and then.
Have a great week ya’ll. (said in Paula Deen’s voice. I’ve been really into her lately!)


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