Ave’s first Vegas trip!

Eddie and I went on a little road trip last week to celebrate his one week off from work and to spend time with family from Arizona. For me, I’m not your typical Vegas goer. When I think of Vegas, I think of only 2 things that both start with the letter ‘G’: GRANDMA & GRANDPA.

They live in North Las Vegas, about 25 minutes from the strip. They’ve been calling and calling me to get me to bring the baby to them bc my grandpa isn’t confident driving as much anymore. So, Eddie and I thought…why not make a stop (more like detour, ha!) in Vegas on our way to Arizona. It was actually really nice to spend time with them. They love their first great granddaughter!



My grandparents have an amazing story. First, let me just say that my grandpa speaks minimal English and my grandma, well, doesn’t speak any except for a few words she knows like “shopping” and “hungry” and “baby.” So this is the story as I understood it to be. My grandpa escaped from the Vietcong during the Vietnam War. My grandma was pregnant with her third kid already and headed to the states to stay with an uncle. My grandpa was so close to getting caught, but when the Vietcong soldiers entered the place he was in, he hid under a chicken coupe and covered his mouth with his hands so they wouldn’t hear him breathe. He said it was the scariest moment of his life. Thankfully, he watched the soldiers’ feet as they cleared out and he could just remember feeling his heart pounding in his chest from relief.

He was finally reunited with my grandma, and their 3 kids, in the states about a year later. My dad, the youngest, was already a toddler and my grandpa said he was just so happy for the war to be over. They later settled down in Glendale, Ca in a 2 bedroom condo that I still can remember the floor plan to this day. My grandma worked as a seamstress in LA for 15 years. She still has her industrial sewing machine. My grandpa worked at a school as a custodian for awhile because he loved being around all the kids. My dad was the only one, out of 3, to have kids so naturally me, my brother, and sister are all spoiled by them. We love our grandparents sooo much!

I honestly think there’s a close resemblance between me and my siblings and my dad’s family. What do you think?



6 thoughts on “Ave’s first Vegas trip!

  1. That’s an incredible story! Aw, I love your grandparents and I haven’t even met them! Dude, your dad looks just like your Grandpa in that old timey photo.

  2. Omg, great grandma and grandpa are SO CUTE. And the resemblance between the old family photos is uncanny! I love that your grandpa was a custodian at a school. Reminds me of the two vietnamese head custodians at my school who are two of my favorite people in the whole world.

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