5 Little Things…

Dang, I’ve been so terrible at posting these past couple weeks. I don’t know what it is.. Sorry guys! So, there’s been so many things I have been up to lately! The biggest thing being I started working out! Woohoo! My husband, sister-in-law and I all started a kickboxing class and its super hardcore!! It pretty much kicked my butt yesterday and I could hardly go up the stairs today and then.. What do I do?!?.. Go back again for day 2. I know I’m probably going to regret it when I wake up tomorrow and can’t move! Ha!
Well, here’s 5 things that have made me smile as of late:
1) She’s a crawlin’!!!

20121206-194135.jpgIt’s about to be getting really crazy where I can’t take my eyes off her. I sort of can’t wait, but I’m good for now. Stop growing so fast!

2)My silly husband and his quirkiness!

20121206-194317.jpg(bottom left)

3)Almost done Christmas shopping and wrapping!!

20121206-194356.jpgI LOVE LOVE LOVE wrapping gifts!

4)Baby play time!

20121206-194500.jpgI think baby likes to have some playmates instead of just playing with mommy all day!

5)Loving this workout lately!



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