New iPhone case!

Today I..wanted to share with you some sexy photos of my new phone cover!

First, the back story: My husband purchased this case for my birthday about 3 weeks ago and it barely came today in the mail. It was all I wanted for my birthday. I even picked it out specifically and sent him the link..all he had to do was press “Add to Cart” and “Submit.” Lol. Well…something happened and he didn’t confirm his email address during purchasing so it was never shipped. For the past 3 weeks, every time someone knocked on the door my heart would literally skip a beat from excitement that maybe..just phone case had arrived! But, no…the packages were never for me. I don’t know why I was even getting so excited over a phone case. So strange! I even actually told my husband that I started to feel a little sad because he never physically gave me anything for my birthday, which I couldn’t help but feel! So pathetic! Anyway…it finally came today..and my, oh is SO SEXY!

Wait…before you look… we must cue the sexy saxophone player so he can play for us in the background. Ha!



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