Personalized Gift Wrapping

I especially love this time of year because I thoroughly enjoy wrapping gifts. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I have a bunch of blank canvases and every gift is a new art piece. Who’s with me? Although, I know my mom dreads wrapping because it takes so long so I can see both sides I guess.

Here are the materials I used:

materialsHere’s how they turned out:

gift wrapping

I went a little crazy with the mini clothespins, but how could I resist?!? They are so DARN cute! I also didn’t want to mess with gift tags this year..for some reason I got sad when everyone just threw them away last year. I know..I’m pathetic. So, I just wrote on Washi Tape and I don’t think I’ll care if it’s thrown away. (At least I hope not!)


close up

What I also liked about the wrapping was that the families got some printed pictures along with their gift! I don’t know if everyone is terrible like me, but I hardly print pictures anymore. So sad! So..I always appreciate when people print pictures for me. 😉



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