8 months old today!

My baby girl is 8 months today!!! I can’t even handle it. We had such an amazing first Christmas and she enjoyed unwrapping all her new toys and clothes. Thank you to everyone for all the many gifts!!

So at 8 months, here’s what she can do:
1. Crawl
2. Eat yogurt and oatmeal
3. Grab things
4. Can stand on her own while holding something
5. Can keep her balance for about 5 seconds
6. “Close. Open” – the Filipino thing where they close and open their hands
7. Babble/sing when you sing
8. Spit out her food
9. Loves bath time
10. Scream/laugh when you tickle her









4 thoughts on “8 months old today!

  1. Awe she is such a sweetheart!!! And what progress! I love her many faces…haha. Avery likes getting tickled too. He especially loves tickling back, lol!

      • don’t hold your breath 🙂 I’d love for Avery to have a sibling sooner rather than later, but that would mean double the daycare, so unless I hit the lotto, we gotta wait til Avery is at least in pre-K or Kindergarten.

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