Christmas highlights!

Man, I’ve been really late on posting lately. Sorry! I haven’t had the motivation nor the inspiration to post about anything. It might be because all I’ve been wanting to do lately is enjoy quality family time. It was our first Christmas with a child and oh my, how much more fun it is with kids! I remember enjoying it as a kid.. The opening of presents, the feasting on delicious food and desserts, the staying up until midnight, the Christmas music.. The whole bit. But I can honestly say that the past few Christmases were just kind of blah and I never got excited about it. However this year, it was a whole lot more exciting with our little bundle of joy experiencing it all for the very first time. She LOVED opening the presents! Or I should say.. The WRAPPING paper!




Oh yah! Grandma and grandpa bought her a big girl carseat so I’m really excited about that!! Ha.. The things I get excited for nowadays!


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