It’s 2013 and she’s crawling!!!



crawlingHey guys! It’s been quite the adventure running after this little one. She’s crawling everywhere and using everything in sight to help herself stand up! I knew this time was coming..and now it’s here! I’m excited, but I’m also a little nervous! What if I take my eye off of her and she hurts herself in that one second that I’m not looking? What if she grabs something on top of a table that I forgot was there? Ugh! Time to baby proof my parents house. Right now we are using pillows to block her from getting into things, but she’s already outsmarted us and now we need to go buy those gates. Any recommendations on good gates?? We’re definitely going to get the stair one because my parents have a steep set of stairs in the house. I would love to get THIS one, but I don’t know if it’s any good. I have some money left on a gift card at Babies R Us so I might just look into buying one from there. We’ve reached EXCITING TIMES you guys!

2 thoughts on “It’s 2013 and she’s crawling!!!

  1. As for gates, I recommend any one you bolt to the wall. The tension ones aren’t too reliable. We have an other house and everything isn’t exactly alligned or at 90 degree angles… so we had the tension one before our stairs to the basement and Avery put his body into it and it fell. He didn’t get far before I grabbed him – he was kinda just belly surfing on it. Luckily. After that we bolted one to the wall. The one we got was under $30 at walmart. Good luck finding one for your little crawler!

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