Welcome January!


I’m usually not crazy about New Year’s Resolutions..plus I’m already a week late in posting about this. I just realized after a very quick, blurry two weeks that the holidays are over and we’re into the new year. I’m not going to be ambitious this year and have a list of resolutions that I MOST likely will not keep up for the whole year. I feel as though I might just be setting myself up for failure. I’ll just keep it simple for now. Though I do have things in mind that I’d like to work on THIS year.

I hope to continue to eat healthy or I should say…healthier.  My husband, who is totally against resolutions, actually started a 21 day sugar detox on January 1st. It’s been CHALLENGING to say the least. He can totally feel the difference in his body and it’s only been 1 week. For me, I’m craving more sweets than ever before..probably because I KNOW he can’t have any. Lol. So, I guess we’re both struggling. I have to say that I have enjoyed coming up with recipes that have absolutely 0 grams of sugar. It’s tougher than it seems! Even almond meal has 1 gram of sugar..and it is made completely of ALMONDS. Haha.

I realized that since I’ve been staying home, my brain is not as quick as it was before. I’m forgetting how to talk and I’m forgetting how to spell words, use grammar, etc. I HATE that! I decided I need to listen to the news more and read, read, read. Anyone have any good book suggestions? Anyway, I hope it helps. For many years I worked so hard to eliminate “like” and “um” in my every day language. I definitely don’t want that habit to return.

I also pray that God grants me more patience. I could’ve sworn I had more patience before, but now I find myself quick to lose it. I don’t go crazy or lose my temper or anything, but I just find myself getting irritated more easily. I could blame it on my husband (He’s very irritable and I tell him that all the time) or I can just pray that God grants me more patience. This is something I want to work on this year, especially now that I have a kid!

Well, that’s all for now. I hope to sign offline and go for a jog right now, but not sure that will happen. Ha!

Until next time,


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