Playing Outside start off the new year in a more fun and exciting way, I told myself I’m going to spend more time outside. But,’s been SO FREAKIN’ COLD here in Southern California! My friends shared me this video of how Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of us Californians?!? Too funny! I guess I can’t really complain because in some states..this is the norm. How do people do it!?! Anyhow, I’ve been trying to take my babe outside more. I remember as a kid ALWAYS being outside and playing in the grass and sprinklers. If we weren’t in the front yard, we were making messes in the backyard. Such great times! I want Ave to have the same special memories.

getting dirty playingwithshadows2playingwithshadowscurious2Gosh, I’m so in love just watching her explore the outside! It’s like the world is brand new..every day. And..the other day, she discovered grass! Do you remember the first time you touched grass?? I definitely don’t, but I remember lying down in it and feeling itchy afterwards. Yuck! haha. Good times!


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