9 months already?

My baby is 9 months already! Phew..where has the time gone!?!





What she can do at 9 months:

-say “ma-ma” (only when I leave the room)

-mumbles “da-da”

-has 2 bottom teeth finally!

-waves “hi” and “bye”

-almost sleeps through the night (thanks to the CIO method!)

-eats pretty much anything that can be broken into little pieces

-loves Cheerios!

-hair is long enough to put in a ponytail

-can stand on her own



6 thoughts on “9 months already?

    • Hah. Yes I am!! Already have all the scrunchies and hair clips that they have for little girls! The stores are smart to sell them bc moms like me totally fall for it! Happy Wednesday!

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