A beautiful snow day!

Today I… ( just realized I haven’t started my posts off like this in awhile…) wanted to share our trip to the snow we took last Saturday. First of all, let me just say that the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! The random hailstorm last week couldn’t have come at a better time! Anyway, when we looked at the snow report in the morning it pretty much reported it was going to be one of the best snows of the season. Let me just show you our view as we were driving up:

All I kept thinking was “Here we come!! Here we come!” I was beyond excited bc I had been looking forward to it for a month. This was my present to my husband for his birthday a month ago. (Better late than never, right!) Anyway, it was his first time doing any winter activity.

Because it hailed the day before, the snow was soft and powdery!



Snow has to be one of my favorite things! I’m a little jealous of all of you who live somewhere where it snows. Anytime you want to invite me.. Feel free! 😉 I couldn’t help but thank God for blessing us with opportunities to still enjoy ourselves without the baby. It was nice to spend time with each other and I’m so thankful for my parents. They are the best babysitters!! I think this Lenten season is going to be very reflective for me. I hope to pause frequently and just appreciate the little things in life.



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