Catalina Trip (Part 1)

Today I..wanted to share about an amazing weekend I had with the hubs. First off…he totally surprised me with roses on Valentine’s Day. (He never gives me flowers!) Then…he told me that he was taking me somewhere on the weekend and to pack only a backpack and tennis shoes. I was able to get some hints out of him after a lot of nagging..hehe. To my surprise, he planned an entire weekend trip to Santa Catalina Island and even made babysitting arrangements all on his own. Whoa!

The last time we went to Catalina was 7 years ago…we were not even engaged yet. He was still in the military and had been on leave. So, it was bittersweet to be back there.

ImageImageThe weather was amazing on the high 70s low couldn’t have been more perfect! Even the locals said this was a really good weekend to come. Score!

We mostly ate all kinds of food, walked around the town, reminisced about how old we are getting, and tried really hard to stay up past 11pm! Ha! We are so lame it’s not even funny. (We stayed out ’til 1am! Woohoo!)ImageImageThe most activity we did all weekend was take a 30 minute hike up a huge hill to witness this amazing view (supposed to be the best view on the island). Then, we went crazy taking photos and pretended we knew what we were doing. Ha!ImageImageAt the port when we were lining up to go home, this lovely Pelican was just chilling right next to us. Sooo cool.. I had to snap a picture and say hi to it.ImageMore photos of our trip to come…


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