Catalina Trip (Part 2)

Alright..I had to create a separate post to share about all the food we ate on the island. Soo..yummy. We got all of our meal suggestions given to us by our lovely concierge at the hotel we stayed at, Casa Marquita. We highly recommend staying at the hotel because the staff was super friendly, accommodating, and the room was spectacular. Most hotels required a 2 night stay, but we were able to only book 1 night at this place. Ask for Stacy..she was amazing!

hotelOkay…I apologize in advance for these food pics. I can’t help myself.

First, for breakfast we stopped at Sambazon to pick up an Acai granola bowl. I had no idea what it was, but once I had a taste..I couldn’t stop. Basically, these 2 guys went to Brazil and discovered the Acai berries and it’s beneficial properties for our health. They came back and started a company! Inspiring to say the least! So, this store has a variety of items with the Acai berry and it is actually delicious! Kind of tastes like a fruity Popsicle.


Mango + granola + acai topped with coconut flakes


lox scramble with fries instead of hash browns

I’m a sucker for smoked salmon! Whenever I see it on a menu, I always convince myself to get it.


polish sausage and eggs with potatoes


Original Jacks came highly recommended.


chocolate chip pancakes


The Pancake Cottage was my favorite breakfast place!


chili omelet with Jalapenos

So basically, we ate and ate..and ate some more. Time to get off my butt now!


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