Serving alongside my sister…

Today I… Wanted to reflect about an amazing weekend I had serving/volunteering at our church retreat. It’s been soooo long since I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering to do anything. I used to be all about it! Anyway this past weekend my sister and I were able to do just that. Our church had one of their many confirmation retreats for the youth (high school age) and I was able to serve with her as a chaperone. It basically consisted of me setting up chairs for certain activities, passing out baby wipes when the teens made masks, and simply being present to witness the transformation of young people discovering God for the first time.

It was really refreshing to be able to witness some of the youth completely moved by some of the talks and skits. It honestly made me reflect about my own personal journey and where I was when I first found God.

The theme for the weekend was “The Lost are Found.” The highlight, for me, was being able to serve with my sister and see her in her element. She is an amazing singer and she sang with the band during the pinnacle part of the weekend, Eucharistic Adoration. Every time she sings, I cry.

20130312-075806.jpgIt is honestly inspiring to serve with her and all of these amazing young adults who sacrifice an entire weekend of their time to do this. I struggled and I even got to go home at night! A lot of them have full time jobs and have exhausting weeks at work and then still have the energy to do retreats.. Without using any technology! Boggles my mind! Anywho.. Great weekend. I thank God for the opportunity and for an amazing husband who watched our daughter while I was gone. Woo!


One thought on “Serving alongside my sister…

  1. aww Mel I miss those days we used to serve together on retreat! I will never forget you coming up to hug me after that first time I sang and I was like… “Who is this girl??” hahaha and here we are ten years later!

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