Sparkle Fete Bridal Shower!

Today I.. Attended a bridal shower for my BFF and the theme was “Sparkle Fete!” I was a little hesitant about the theme at first.. But it was so fun!











So this party was so fabulous! First of all, my BFF has a beautiful house in Irvine that looks like something out of Pinterest.. Especially her kitchen! (Swoon!) Anyway.. I think even though the theme was awesome.. It was all about the food!! All individually prepared and home cooked by her friend Jina. She did our wedding shower awhile back. She needs to start a business!
What I realized at that party was that party planning has evolved soo much bc of Pinterest and the Internet and the DIY/Michaels industry. We spend a lot of time ( probably more time than we need to) planning and making things for events and parties (I am guilty of this!)… that we sometimes lose ourselves in all the details. Remember back in the day when it was all about the food.. And MAYBE if you were feeling extra inspired you would go to your local party city and buy the matching utensils, plastics are, some random wall decor or centerpiece and call it a day! Good bye to those days!! But.. I can’t help myself. I love decorations!! They are just so fun and add so much to the party. The important thing is balance though. Hopefully I can keep myself grounded when it comes to planning my daughter’s 1st birthday. Hehe. But if not, don’t judge me! Lol.

Seriously, can’t wait until Italy for this girl’s wedding!!


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