11 months has passed so fast…

Welcome April!!!!

TodayI…finally took her 11 month photos. Boy oh boy..it made me want to cry looking through all these photos. Seriously, almost a year old? Where did the time go? I know I say every single time I post her pictures that time goes by fast…this time…I’m just trying to hold in my tears.

ave7 ave6 ave5 ave3 standing ave2 ave8 ave9At 11 months she can…

– say mama, dada, bye bye, blue, purple, ba bah (bath), nina (what she calls my sister)

– make silly faces

– do some baby sign language: milk, more, all done, diaper (rarely)

– walk 2-3 steps & stand on her own for about 10 seconds

– tell you how old she is going to be.. “ONE!” (It’s sooo cute! You can see it on The Vine app if you have an iphone.)

– close and open a door

– go up the stairs

– climb down a couch

– show you her teeth (she loves brushing all 3 of them! lol)

I am so amazed at all the things she can do. I don’t know how she learned all of them, but somehow she did. I tend to do a lot of repetition so i’m sure that somewhat helps. I will definitely enjoy this last month before my baby turns 1. (tear)

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