Sprinkle Party (Part 2)

Today I…wanted to share with you pictures of some of the details from my daughter’s 1st SPRINKLE THEMED birthday party. Just a little background…my husband originally told me that if we had a big baptism party than her first birthday will be small. BUT…I couldn’t do it! He was SO mad! He gave me (somewhat jokingly) a budget of $200 for her 1st birthday party. I was like… $200? !! I can’t even buy food with that. So..nonetheless, I had to be creative! DIY party for sure!


DSC_0504I decided to make it a SPRINKLE party/breakfast theme…it was a little cheaper bc breakfast foods are typically cheaper..and I already had a bunch of colorful paper and such so I could just reuse all of that. It was held in my parents backyard which we cleaned the weekend before. (so much work!) I love it though because it’s spacious and has an amazing view! Thank you mom and dad for allowing us to host her party at the house!

Okay, first the food… since that was the highlight to me!!

We had a waffle/pancake station where guests could “sprinkle” whatever toppings they wanted (berries, bananas, whipped cream, etc.) We also had a scrambled egg station with various toppings such as bacon, sausage, spinach, cheese, etc.IMG_0909


DSC_0509 IMG_0948 IMG_0949

Also, thank you Sylvie for the amazing egg quiches! People actually came up to me asking if there was anymore!

Then…for the diabetics..we had a “SWEETS” table with..well, more sweets than I could even handle!IMG_0885 IMG_0884

DSC_0545 DSC_0546 IMG_0883 IMG_0882

DSC_0462 DSC_0461 DSC_0458

Special thanks to my cousin Lauren, Risha, Yvette, and Johanna for making all the goodies! (Thank God for the bakers in my life!)

Then, my husband approved a mimosa bar (per a special request from my friend Jenelee). I know..I know.. a mimosa bar at a 1st birthday party!?! Don’t judge! It only costed $6/bottle at Sam’s club so it’s hard to pass up!
DSC_0486 DSC_0479 DSC_0478 DSC_0477Are you tired of all the polka dots yet??

We also threw together a quick “Kids Zone” bc I didn’t want to be in charge of any games so just decided to have some stuff for kids to do. In my opinion, it was a success!

IMG_0930 DSC_0489DSC_0493 DSC_0534 DSC_0538 DSC_0542 DSC_0491


Oh! And I totes almost forgot about the cereal bar we had! Duh! Who doesn’t love cereal!

DSC_0465 DSC_0466 DSC_0464 DSC_0467

And..last minute idea..we threw in a Headband making station so the older kids and adults could have something to do! Such a success! So glad we decided to have it. (Thank you Holly for setting this one up..literally at the same time the party was starting!)
IMG_0934 IMG_0936And…the cake (Thank you to my cousin Yvette!), party hats, and the goodie bags!


DSC_0497 IMG_0944 IMG_0911 IMG_0910Oh..and by the way..the budget didn’t actually stay within the one my husband gave me! (impossible!) However, I was able to keep a lot of costs down by asking people to make things. Thank goodness for the amazing people in my life!!!


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