Podere Finerri

Today I…wanted to share some photos from our recent adventure into the wonderful land of Italia! First of all, AMAZING food! I gained about 3 lbs just in the 1 week alone that we were there, but oh was it worth it!

And now..the play by play..b/c I think it’ll be fun to reminisce our trip.


We departed from LAX on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn (8am) and, for some reason, I kept getting emails from Kayak.com (where we booked from) that our flight moved to 6am instead..so we were in a rush! But, I don’t know..the emails were lies..and the flight hadn’t changed so we were safe after all. Phew! Everything went smoothly going through security and everything so were were just antsy waiting to board and get the trip started.

2 stops and about 3 hrs later..we were FINALLY in route to Florence (FLR) our final destination. I was highly impressed by the quality of Austrian Airlines as every seat had it’s own mini touchscreen with USB dock, and the flight attendants came around every hour serving us free beverages including alcohol. Sweet! Thankfully, my husband swooped up some neck pillow at Target right before we left and it SAVED us! Definitely a must have (at least for me since I discovered I have trouble with long flights)!


Arrived to Florence around 3pm. Retrieved our luggage (Woohoo! it wasn’t lost!), got our rental car, got all my printout google maps, and we were set to go! At least I thought we would get away with just our google map printouts and no map or gps. Boy was that our FIRST MISTAKE! The villa, Podere Finerri, was about 2 hours away, but it ended taking us about 6 hrs to get there b/c we got SOOO LOST. Thankfully, we found it before dark, otherwise we were on to plan B (pull over, sleep in the car, and try again in the morning).

After all that time, we finally made it…and even though we pretty much had it with each other by that time…we pulled up to the villa and we forget about it all.

cypresstrees flowers fronthouse garden luna outdoorfireplace sunset tuscany tuscany2

Does it just take your breath away? I felt like I was staring at a postcard the whole time and it didn’t feel real. Everyone kept saying, “Please never wake me up from this dream!” I really thank God for giving us this opportunity to experience this.


One thought on “Podere Finerri

  1. Lets bring babies back in 10 years deal? Ave can babysit my babies then I bet while we lounge at the pool and sip on wine…we need to catch up. I miss you!!!!!!

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