A Day Trip to Siena


On Monday, after a nice, long rest we escaped from wedding duties and took a day trip to Siena (about 20 minutes away from our villa). It was a cute town that felt nothing like Tuscany. Plus, it was more of a tourist attraction than anything else because the Piazza del Campo was just so neat to see!

arches building building2 building3 building4 building5 building6 building7 building8

I really appreciated the architectural design of the buildings (sorry for the overkill of pictures). It’s crazy that people see this everyday on their walk to school and/or work. So beautiful!

Had to snap a photo of Italian Yogurtland! Ha.people sitting piazza2 piazzadelcampoAnd…of course..had to conclude our visit with dessert! Mmmm…gelato!


Hope you all had a safe Independence Day!!!


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