Rehearsal Dinner

Monday night
After wedding ceremony practice, we all carpooled to the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was going to take place. Of course, we all got lost! Haha. However, we were all not surprised since that seemed to be the trend over there. We finally made it to the restaurant at about 8pm, snapped some photos before it got dark, and enjoyed a long, relaxing meal.

Did I tell you how Italians eat? When they go to dinner, it’s an event! They don’t plan to eat real fast, then catch a movie afterwards…no no..the main event is eating. They have small breakfasts, small lunches, and GRAND dinners! (No less than 4 courses at one sitting). AH~MAZING! So..the rehearsal dinner ended at about 2 am! Haha.

Here’s a blurry pic of the bride and her fam bam: 

It’s crazy to think that I’ve known her family since I was in 3rd grade. Her sister was still a baby! Her parents were also the jewelers who helped Eddie choose my engagement ring and our wedding we have a special bond with them.

Ok, ready for the food??? [I regretfully didn’t write down the names of the dishes, but hopefully the pictures will do it justice.]


Course 1: Assorted smoked meats and side salad


Course 2; Don’t remember what this was called, but my absolute favorite thing on the menu that night!

Course 3

Course 3: Some sort of Pork fried goodness with greens and carmelized onions


Course 4: chocolate lava cake

eddieandmel restaurant restaurant2

And this is how the night ended…blurry. BFF”s for sure! Lol. [Btw…I didn’t realize it until I looked back at my pictures that in the below (left) photo I was flipping my husband off! Shame on me! So, I couldn’t post that in this space! Ha…which is why I cut if off!]


Gosh, take me back!


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