DIY pinata!

Today I…thought I’d share a fun DIY project since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of those on this space. I had a lot of fun with this one and I’m super happy with how it turned out! Back in April, my daughter turned 1 and we celebrated with a fun Sprinkle themed party.

I had to keep my budget as low as possible so I decided to save the $30 on buying a pinata and make my own. The best part about making your own pinata is that you can be so creative with whatever shape you create. I did a simple number “1,”  but I have seen some really creative ones on Pinterest.


Here’s how to create it in 5 easy steps:


Cut out all sides of your desired shape out of cardboard scraps. To make sure it is even all around, use 1 side as a template to create the other side.


Ask a kind friend to assist you with the cardboard cutting. Cutting cardboard is tiring! *A good pair of scissors is your best friend!


Use kraft tape (or any tape really) to take up the sides of your pinata. To make a part of the pinata weaker so it can be easily broken, just use one layer of tape. Once you’ve created the shape, don’t forget to leave an opening for candy!


Create fringe for decorating! (To create fringe: fold/layer crepe or tissue paper and cut slits..then unfold)


Starting from the bottom of your pinata, use double-sided tape (or glue) and start adhering to pinata. This was my favorite part!

And there you have it folks…a fun and simple pinata. How fun would it be to make these on a normal day and fill it with confetti?!? Happy Thursday!

Sprinkle Party (Part 2)

Today I…wanted to share with you pictures of some of the details from my daughter’s 1st SPRINKLE THEMED birthday party. Just a little background…my husband originally told me that if we had a big baptism party than her first birthday will be small. BUT…I couldn’t do it! He was SO mad! He gave me (somewhat jokingly) a budget of $200 for her 1st birthday party. I was like… $200? !! I can’t even buy food with that. So..nonetheless, I had to be creative! DIY party for sure!


DSC_0504I decided to make it a SPRINKLE party/breakfast theme…it was a little cheaper bc breakfast foods are typically cheaper..and I already had a bunch of colorful paper and such so I could just reuse all of that. It was held in my parents backyard which we cleaned the weekend before. (so much work!) I love it though because it’s spacious and has an amazing view! Thank you mom and dad for allowing us to host her party at the house!

Okay, first the food… since that was the highlight to me!!

We had a waffle/pancake station where guests could “sprinkle” whatever toppings they wanted (berries, bananas, whipped cream, etc.) We also had a scrambled egg station with various toppings such as bacon, sausage, spinach, cheese, etc.IMG_0909


DSC_0509 IMG_0948 IMG_0949

Also, thank you Sylvie for the amazing egg quiches! People actually came up to me asking if there was anymore!

Then…for the diabetics..we had a “SWEETS” table with..well, more sweets than I could even handle!IMG_0885 IMG_0884

DSC_0545 DSC_0546 IMG_0883 IMG_0882

DSC_0462 DSC_0461 DSC_0458

Special thanks to my cousin Lauren, Risha, Yvette, and Johanna for making all the goodies! (Thank God for the bakers in my life!)

Then, my husband approved a mimosa bar (per a special request from my friend Jenelee). I know..I know.. a mimosa bar at a 1st birthday party!?! Don’t judge! It only costed $6/bottle at Sam’s club so it’s hard to pass up!
DSC_0486 DSC_0479 DSC_0478 DSC_0477Are you tired of all the polka dots yet??

We also threw together a quick “Kids Zone” bc I didn’t want to be in charge of any games so just decided to have some stuff for kids to do. In my opinion, it was a success!

IMG_0930 DSC_0489DSC_0493 DSC_0534 DSC_0538 DSC_0542 DSC_0491


Oh! And I totes almost forgot about the cereal bar we had! Duh! Who doesn’t love cereal!

DSC_0465 DSC_0466 DSC_0464 DSC_0467

And..last minute idea..we threw in a Headband making station so the older kids and adults could have something to do! Such a success! So glad we decided to have it. (Thank you Holly for setting this one up..literally at the same time the party was starting!)
IMG_0934 IMG_0936And…the cake (Thank you to my cousin Yvette!), party hats, and the goodie bags!


DSC_0497 IMG_0944 IMG_0911 IMG_0910Oh..and by the way..the budget didn’t actually stay within the one my husband gave me! (impossible!) However, I was able to keep a lot of costs down by asking people to make things. Thank goodness for the amazing people in my life!!!

What I’ve been up to lately…

Today I… Finally caught up on some rest! My life felt like a whirlwind these past 2 weeks. I randomly started teaching again which really couldn’t have come at a better time (yay, for saving money for a house!), but it’s been tough transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom for a year to a working mom. All you working moms out there.. I give you PROPS. So, I pretty much cried the first 3 days.. But getting used to the routine now. Here’s some pictures from the last couple weeks:
1) My classroom


Btw, teaching kinder is no joke! These kids have had 3 different teachers throughout the year so no sense of structure. It’s been rough, but amazing how comfortable they become with you.
2) Completed a seating chart for a good friend of mine

3) Witnessed 2 of my friends get married


20130429-054419.jpgI didn’t get a final picture of the seating chart (still hitting myself for that one), but found this pic on my friends Instagram! So proud of it. 😉 Congrats Mike and Arle once again!!
4) Party prepping was super fun, but exhausting!


More pics of my daughters first birthday to come! Honestly, I love party planning. I wish it could be my full time job!
5) Watched my husband’s softball team win the championship! (2 in a row baby!)


Sparkle Fete Bridal Shower!

Today I.. Attended a bridal shower for my BFF and the theme was “Sparkle Fete!” I was a little hesitant about the theme at first.. But it was so fun!











So this party was so fabulous! First of all, my BFF has a beautiful house in Irvine that looks like something out of Pinterest.. Especially her kitchen! (Swoon!) Anyway.. I think even though the theme was awesome.. It was all about the food!! All individually prepared and home cooked by her friend Jina. She did our wedding shower awhile back. She needs to start a business!
What I realized at that party was that party planning has evolved soo much bc of Pinterest and the Internet and the DIY/Michaels industry. We spend a lot of time ( probably more time than we need to) planning and making things for events and parties (I am guilty of this!)… that we sometimes lose ourselves in all the details. Remember back in the day when it was all about the food.. And MAYBE if you were feeling extra inspired you would go to your local party city and buy the matching utensils, plastics are, some random wall decor or centerpiece and call it a day! Good bye to those days!! But.. I can’t help myself. I love decorations!! They are just so fun and add so much to the party. The important thing is balance though. Hopefully I can keep myself grounded when it comes to planning my daughter’s 1st birthday. Hehe. But if not, don’t judge me! Lol.

Seriously, can’t wait until Italy for this girl’s wedding!!

Oh Hello Friend Grand Opening!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the grand opening of a new vintage/ craft store in downtown Fullerton called Oh Hello Friend. Danni Hong, the creative genius behind the cute brand, was one of the women whose blog inspired me to make my own. I don’t know.. The idea of a person pursuing what they love to do and making it their full time job is such an amazing dream! It is truly inspiring! I’ve been trying to brainstorm some ideas.. And, well, lets just say you’ll be the first to know when I come up with anything good! 😉












She also had a dessert station and a DIY button station which was fun to enjoy while waiting in line. The store has a great location and is also surrounded by cute little vintage shops, delicious cafes, and unique stores.



I had to resort to my iPhone camera that day bc I had the baby with me and the idea of carrying my sister’s nice (but overly big) camera seemed impossible.. I don’t know how people do it! Anyway, it was a great morning and I enjoyed bonding with my sister and friend, Louise, who came with us. (Hi Lo!)

DIY: Teething Kit

Today I..thought I’d share a fun teething kit I made for my friend’s baby awhile back. So, just when you thought you were getting the routine down, getting comfortable with having a baby…teething starts and throws everything all off! Ugh, I’m not going to sugar coat it, IT SUCKS! We are still going through it, but it hasn’t been as bad as when it first started. Sheesh! There came a time where I just tried everything..I mean.. EVERYTHING that’s out there in the store. These were just some goodies I would recommend because many of them came in handy during my UGLIEST moments as a mom. 😦

Contents of basket:

1. Loads and loads of bibs (I thought I had too many bibs, but when teething started and the drool came pouring out like waterfalls (okay, may be a bit exaggerating)..I couldn’t get enough of them! Some are made very cheap and thin, and to those I say ” No Bueno!” Others are nice and thick and drool friendly..I LOVE LOVE LOVE those. I really like this one that I found at the new CottonOn Baby store in the Del Amo Mall.)

2. Hyland’s Teething Gel (A little dab of this gel goes a LONG way. My daughter doesn’t really like the taste of this too much, but it really does soothe her gums and provide some relief for a few minutes.)

3. Teether/Teething Toys (There are so many different kinds of teethers out there. Some moms have recommended this teether ball, others the teether pacifier, but it really depends on your child. See which one works best for him/her simply by trying them out…that’s the best advice I can give. My daughter’s not too fond of those teething toys for some I’ve strayed away from buying them already.)

4. Baby Orajel (This is another good one..I believe it comes in a fruit flavor which sounds YUM!)

*NOT PICTURED: They also have Teething Tablets which you dissolve in water, but I didn’t find much success with those. They are said to be more natural though.