My Wedding

My husband and I got married on 8.14.10. It was a beautiful day that I will definitely never forget!

Theme: Tree/Earth Theme

Colors: Seafoam Green, off-white, dark brown

Location: La Habra, CA

Month: August (weather was warm during the day, cool at night)

Ceremony: Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, La Habra, CA

Reception: Backyard of Private Residence (La Habra)

Guest Count: 250 people

Total Cost: About $15, 000

View from outside of the church

Church Fees: $600 (Donation) + $300 (Flight for Priest) + $150 (Coordinator) = $1,050

Ceremony Programs

Program Costs: $50 (To Print) + $5 (Branches) + $1 (Basket) = $56

Wedding Shoes (Cost= $45)

View from inside of the church

Ring Bearer Pillow (Made by talented relative)

Cost of Pillow: Flowers ($10 bundle) + Styrofoam Base ($3) = $13

Wedding Dress (Found at The Dresser in Fullerton, CA)

Cost= $800 (with tailoring)

I actually found the dress at a trunk sale for $100. (It was pretty intense!) But, they didn’t have my size so I ended up buying it new in my size. Thank you to Meagan, Sylvie, and Tracy for helping me that day!

My lovely bridesmaids!

Bridesmaid Dresses (Sewn by Sylvie’s aunt)

Cost of each dress: $50 (labor) + $50 (fabric) = $100

Bridal Bouquet: $50

Bridesmaids Bouquets: $35

Hair Clip: Handmade by Meagan

Manzanita Tree Centerpieces (Made by my creative parents)

Total Cost of Materials: Manzanita Tree (#7/each) + wooden box ($5/each) + Moss ($5/bag) + Candle Holders ($1/each) + Candle Wire ($6/spool)= $24

Fresh Green Orchids: 3 boxes filled ($90)

Average cost per centerpiece: $20

Table Arrangement: Handmade

Place cards were the rocks (personalized)

Cost of Rocks: $30 (online)

Dessert Table Arrangement: Rented for $80

Glass Jars/Vases: Borrowed

Frames for labels: Thrifted (about $.50-$1/each)


Wooden Signs

Cost; 3 for $20 (Found at Lazy Boy Furniture Clearance Item)

Lounge Furniture: Rented for $400

Wedding Cake: Baked by Relative (Cost =$100)

One of my favorite parts about my wedding was our wedding song! It was written by my friend Martin and Richelle. Sung by my sister Meagan.

You can listen to it here. (Sung by Richelle on recording)

Bird cage card holder: Thrifted! (Cost $7)


Special thanks to Ica ImagesChristian Cruz, and Wide Open Aperture for being AMAZING photographers. More pictures of our wedding can be found on their websites. Check them out!

10 thoughts on “My Wedding

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  5. Where did you get the candles you hung from your branch centerpieces? That is exactly what I’m looking for!! Looks like it was a beautiful day… thanks for the tips!

    • Hi! Sorry for the late response! I got the candle holders from this craft store in the flower district in downtown la. The name of it escapes me at the moment but I’m going there next week so if I figure it out I will post you another comment! 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. I love you wedding, Where did your parents get the open wood boxes Ive been searching for months

    • I bought them in the craft district in downtown LA. It was such a good find! I don’t know if the place is still there bc it was a few years ago, but try out your local craft store or even Home Depot. They might have something you can work with. Good luck! And thanks for visiting!

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