Last month, I prepared a special surprise for my cousin-in-law who was turning the BIG 30! She wasn’t too thrilled of that number, so I wanted to give her something special that she would definitely remember!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 30 individual cards & envelopes
  • washi tape
  • number print-outs (#1-30)
  • 30 helium filled balloons
  • assortment of gifts for celebrant

Step 1: Write down a list of 30 close friends and family names. Ask them to say a special message or “1 Reason why they love that person” for the birthday celebrant. Print out their message on individual cards.

Step 2: Once all of your messages have been gathered, seal all envelopes and cards. Print out #1-30 on each envelope. Tape down with fun washi tape.

Step 3: Sneak into their apt or house and scatter helium-filled balloons throughout. I bought 30 of them (to go with the “turning 30” theme, but feel free to buy however many you want) from Party City. *Party City isn’t always the cheapest, but they get the job done. 🙂

Step 4: Scatter the balloons throughout and let them await their surprise.

You could also shower them with gifts! (One for each letter of their name. )

By the way, the surprise was a success! She loved it! She even said it brought a tear to her eyes when she read everyone’s messages. I love when things work out!

Unique DIY Birthday Gift Idea!

Just wanted to share a little summary of Eddie’s birthday. It was a nice, relaxing weekend of events!

We started with a delicious, steak dinner (the one we were supposed to have on New Year’s). On Saturday morning, we picked up some baked goods over at Le Pain Quotidien in Manhattan Beach for breakfast. Then, drove over to Haven Gastropub and had lunch over there in the Orange Circle. Then, went to watch Contraband over at Century Stadium 25. We ended the night with dinner at Slater 50/50′s and watched a hockey game. If that wasn’t enough, we started Sunday off with mass and went to brunch at Acapulco on Sunday. We then went over to Redondo, walked around the beach, played a fun board game at a friend’s house, and finished it off with a vegetarian dinner at The Green Temple and crepes at Creme de la Crepe. So much fun! Are you hungry yet? Haha.

If THAT wasn’t enough, I thought I’d share with you one of the gifts I made for his birthday. It was kind of a gag gift, but I think he appreciated it!

Materials Needed:

– old Anthropologie or old gift box

– chalkboard paint

– little pieces of cardboard

– a bunch of “favorite” items of the recipient

– yarn or tape

– chalk

1) Start off with an old gift box (I used an Anthropologie gift box)

2) Paint with chalkboard paint

3) Label the top of the box

4) Fill box with a bunch of “favorite” items.

This part requires a little planning beforehand, but just have fun with it.

Eddie’s favorite candy.

Eddie also loves peanut butter! His weakness is peanut butter & jelly so we never have jelly in our kitchen. This was a real treat for him.

A little background about this one…I always use Eddie’s chapstick. I never use my own, even though I have so many. Haha.

A little background on this one… I hate replacing the toilet paper roll. Thus, this is MY favorite way to ANNOY him. 😛

Eddie’s favorite fantasy, especially lately, is talking about what it would be like if we won the lottery. Well, this ticket wasn’t the big winner, but it did win us a whopping $2!

5) Gift Wrap & label!

Viola! You have yourself a fun, unique birthday gift for your significant other. 🙂