What we’ve been up to lately…

August has seriously flown by!

Today I… Wanted to share some of the things we’ve been up to lately:
1. Celebrating one of my students’ birthday with cupcakes and ice cream on minimum day Friday last week!

20130817-121810.jpgAlthough I didn’t eat any cake and ice cream.. I was just so excited it was Friday! Lol. Finished week 2 of school! Now on to week 3…
2. Celebrated our 3 year anniversary with a simple dinner at home..it was nice.

20130817-122001.jpgI attempted to make sweet potato shepherds pie, but I don’t know.. It was eh!
3.Got to see a movie in a theatre! That was a big deal for me!

4.Really have been so busy with life and work that I have had no time to blog!





1st Day of School!!!

Well… The first week of school is officially here! Crazy how fast summer flew by! And.. It does just feel a little early since most other schools are still off for another month! Oh well, at least we get out in May!
Not only did I start my official first school day as a full time teacher yesterday.. I’m starting off with 33 Kinders.. And to me.. They are just going to be babies still!
It is definitely going to be a learning experience, but I’m looking forward to watching them grow.. Teaching them how to read and write (eek! So much pressure!) and just having fun with them!
Here’s to the first day of school!