What we’ve been up to lately…

August has seriously flown by!

Today I… Wanted to share some of the things we’ve been up to lately:
1. Celebrating one of my students’ birthday with cupcakes and ice cream on minimum day Friday last week!

20130817-121810.jpgAlthough I didn’t eat any cake and ice cream.. I was just so excited it was Friday! Lol. Finished week 2 of school! Now on to week 3…
2. Celebrated our 3 year anniversary with a simple dinner at home..it was nice.

20130817-122001.jpgI attempted to make sweet potato shepherds pie, but I don’t know.. It was eh!
3.Got to see a movie in a theatre! That was a big deal for me!

4.Really have been so busy with life and work that I have had no time to blog!





TodayI…Ate Korean BBQ with Horror Night Crew

So, recently, my friend Missy started inviting us to her “Horror Nights.” What’s a Horror Night, u ask? Well, she and some friends get together, watch a scary movie, and pretty much make fun of it the entire time with snooty comments and laughter throughout the entire movie. Because I typically hate horror films, I thought this could be fun and help me overcome my fear. It totally worked. Among the films we’ve watched so far are:

Insidious (2010)
Frozen (2010)
An American Haunting (2005)
Paranormal Activity (2009)
Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

Anyway, sorry for my tangent. We were recently invited to take a “Horror Night Field Trip.” Sounds scary, right? At first I thought, am I ready for a Horror Night Field Trip? What if it’s too much for me to handle? This was before I realized what that actually meant. It just meant…well… the Horror crew is GOING OUT TO EAT!! haha. So we did and it was oh sooo good! We ate some All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ at Furusato B.B.Q. for $9.99. If you haven’t eaten this yet, you MUST try it! You do have to enjoy eating meat though, otherwise I don’t think it’s worth it.

Pretty packed for a Sunday night
Furusato BBQ (Gardena, CA)
Paul and Patrick enjoying every bite
Praise God for meat! (Thats really bad for you..ha)
Missy lovin her meat!

Horror Night Field Trips are fun!

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married

TodayI…reflected on my marriage and what I wish people told me before tying the knot. I have no regrets about marrying my husband, but I feel I could have been more prepared. This post is inspired by the ” girl talk” in the car ride coming home from our friend’s bachelorette party. Thank you Jen, Holly, Tina, and Sylvie for always being there for me!

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married:

On Finances

1. Eating out is fun, but costs more than you think.

2. How your partner spends money will affect you even if you have separate bank accounts.

3. How to do taxes. File jointly? Separately? (Still do not know)

4. Men like to feel like the “breadwinner” no matter what. (Just let your pride go and let them.)

5. Before you buy something (big or small), talk it over with your partner to make sure you are both on the same page.

On Camaraderie

6. Having supportive friends REALLY makes a difference.

7. Hang out with couples who share your same interests.

On Intimacy

8. Sex gets better over time.

9. Sex is very messy (not like you see on TV).

10.  You don’t have sex every day…life can simply be exhausting at times.

On Communication

11.  Married life isn’t fun all the time.

12.  Marriage takes work from both sides.

13.  If work is taking up my best energy, then your marriage will suffer.

14.  If you go to sleep angry, you’ll probably still wake up angry. Sleep doesn’t solve problems.

15.  Yelling during an argument NEVER solves the problem.

On Living Together

16.  I am not as clean as I thought I was.

17.  Having basic cooking skills is VERY beneficial.

18.  Dishes are nonstop.

19.  Cleaning is nonstop.

20.  Having an extra bedroom for guests REALLY makes a difference.

TodayI..Remembered my Honeymoon.

For our Honeymoon, we visited two islands of Hawaii, The Big Island and Maui. It was BEAUTIFUL! When we arrived we stayed at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort, thanks to my parents who let us use their time share.

We also went out to the Hilton lounge/bar to grab some food that night and met this amazing couple! They were from Honolulu and were kind enough to show us around the island. Thank you Brian and Rhoda!

The next morning we went to the beach of course!

Please excuse the man playing the ukelele in my picture. We also visited Big Island Candy Store. Their shortbread cookies are yummy! We stopped by the Waikaloa Hilton to see the dolphins, too.

We flew to Maui to visit some friends and boy, were we in for a real treat! They welcomed us with gift baskets and fresh orchid leis, and took us to all the local places…which is exactly what we wanted.

We ate AMAZINGLY tasting food along with the best butter fish with garlic butter sauce I’ve ever had!

We had some really good sushi at this place in Kailua Kona:

We also had kava, a true Polynesian experience. It really does taste like dirt.

We went to see Ulalena, a unique show at a theatre in Maui. We also got to meet the cast afterwards!

Nothing beats concluding our Hawaii visit thanking God for all our blessings at Sunday mass outside. You could smell the ocean from there.

As you can see, our honeymoon was very adventurous and we did more things than I ever imagined. I didn’t get pictures of us paddle boarding and snorkeling either, which were REALLY exciting. Nonetheless, I hope to go back there and visit again..maybe before we have kids?

Oh, Hawaii, how I will miss thee. Thank you for the memories and for reminding me of God’s miraculous creation.

All pictures were taken by me.

TodayI…Welcome you!

Hello! I’d like to welcome you to my blog! By no means do I see myself as a “blogger.” I can honestly say that I barely understand the whole aficionado of blogging and posting comments and sponsorships, etc. However, I’ve recently found myself highly addicted to looking at other people’s blogs, not because I’m obsessed with the nuances of other people lives, but simply because I am obsessed with seeing what INSPIRES other people. For this reason alone, I’ve decided to create my own. I wouldn’t call myself an artist, a designer, a writer, a “foodie,” or even a techy person at that. I wouldn’t even consider myself remotely talented or knowledgeable enough to be participating in this “blog” world. However, I am passionate about one thing: LIFE. I’m inspired by all things whether it be the homeless person that sits on the corner of my exit to work everyday, or the images I see on Pinterest, or the people in my life who I couldn’t live without. With that… I invite you to join me. Perhaps there are few things that inspire you; perhaps there are many! Let US all enjoy the simple things, live life to it’s full potential, and CELEBRATE it!

(Picture taken from http://lanipauli.tumblr.com/)