Miss SF already!!

Today I… Thought I’d share little tidbits of our weekend happenings in the lovely city of SF. First of all.. So much fun and chill… All we did was hang out with our cool and aca-awesome friend Ryan! 😉 (We made him watch Pitch Perfect too. Hehe)

20130317-235418.jpgHappy Birthday again Ryan!! We love you so much!






We did do some hiking, a lot of playing in the cool parks and jungle gyms, eating everything and anything bc that’s what we do best, and walking/exploring the city.


20130318-000853.jpgOh! We also were able to meet up with some friends (who just became newlyweds.. yay! congrats!) for brunch before we headed to the airport! Thanks Steph and Chris!!



20130318-001129.jpgMmm.. I’m getting hungry now. Happy Monday!!

TodayI…Planned my Spring Break 2011!

Things I’m interested in doing during this amazing SPRING BREAK 2011…

Buying… photo hanger clips

Meeting this 6yr old… Fashionista

Throwing… a dinner party like this

Making…one of these Origami creations

Dancing…with them

Walking around… here

Continuing…to read this book

Eating lunch… here

Start practicing for… these duties, ha!

Teaching myself more… CS5

Taking a mini-weekend…getaway

Watching… this, this again, and this (if there’s a new episode)

Lying out… on one of these

Browsing through… Pinterest

Creating…an art piece on my blank wall inspired by this,  this, and this

And, of course…doing more of this while my husband is at work and school. : )